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Empowering Publishers 

Easy and powerful solutions to help publishers monetize and unlock their full potential

A Supply Side Platform thats on your Side

Leverage our tools, connections and expertise to unlock the potential of site and explode your revenue

We know what publishers want: more revenue without sacrificing a good user experience. Our solutions provide just that, but the bonus of dead-simple integration.


Our solutions have one thing in common: best-yield possible. Whether you're a publisher trying to increase eCPM or a brand looking for more impact, vuuo.tech can help you get there


Get 100% transparency into your earnings and the performance of your campaigns to make data-driven decisions. Understand in real-time.

Experience, Expertise

Our team of execs, software engineers, ad-execs and adops have a combined 50 years of experience, delivering you results, not hype

  • Happier Publishers

    Helping not only publishers, but also their readers

    vuuo.tech provides innovative video and monetization solutions to help publishers unlock the true value of every impression, while preserving the user-experience.

  • Ads that work

    Real results from real people

    Leverage the power of our tools that are powering millions of daily ad-streams to turbo-charge your marketing effort and target the people you want to showcase your products to


Let our tech and expertise take your site earnings to the next level


Now, more than ever, video is necessary for you to engage your audience and to tell impactful stories. Add our world-class video stack to your site with just one line of code and tell your stories across all screens. Be confident that your video will start smoothly and quickly, With world-class support and new features continuously rolled-out, you can maximize every impression. No content? No problem -- our tech and massive library can help you connect the right content.

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Boost Your Revenue

vuuo.tech supports every video advertising standard, so you can be confident that your current and coming campaigns will be severed. But even better, let our team of sales experts monetize for you. Just plug, play, and let the revenue flow in. With a combination of direct campaigns, Open RTB integrations, PMPs, Deal IDs and 3rd Party Demand, we ensure you are always getting the highest value for your content.

  • Simply paste one line of code

  • Get access to a world-class video CMS

  • Community of creators and publishers just like you

  • Let our sales experts monetize for you!

  • Start receiving revenue in minutes

Plug in Revenue

Choose from a number of native video units and other solutions that fit into your layout and design preferences

Large and Engaged

With our mPact video units you can engage your readers with a large player to drive home your message. And with innovative sticky and resizing capabilities, we ensure that your video is only showing to the engaged reader. - Demand Included - inStream and Outsream - Customizable Sizes - Designed for High Viewability - Desktop and Mobile Friendly

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Infinite Inventory

Embed video into every article and unlock tremendous newfound revenue Solve your issues with sold out pre-roll with a user experience that doesn't make users cringe. - Launches when viewed - Create limitless inventory - Increase revenue per page - UX friendly design - Free up your in stream inventory

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Power your App

Our nApp solutions helps app publishers unlock more revenue and optimize your user experiences. - Increase engagement - Increase retention rates - Compliment your in-app purchases

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Native Marketing

Bring people to your pages with our innovative content recommendation engine that outperforms competitors, driving more people to your landing pages. - Innovative tech maximizes CTR - Multiple Units - Great UX - CPC based

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Leave anImpact


Programmatic Video Advertising and innovative lead-gen to maximize your brand impact

Our tools make it easy to advertise. We offer transparent, viewable and impactful solutions for brands and advertisers of all sizes.

Why vuuo.tech

Programmatic Video

Tap into a growing publisher base with your video, and target the users you want, whether its on the desktop, mobile, or in-app.

Performance Ads

We also offer a suite of performance based campaigns with innovations that yield better click-through than competitors.

  • Placements that Engage

    With vuuo.tech, you can leverage our network of publishers with a variety of modern, engaging ad-units.

  • Data to Act

    Our tools, reports and friendly staff give you real-time insight into your campaign so that you can have the knowledge to act. Make adjustments, optimize and maximize your ROI.